I spent the easter week with friends in Switzerland, in canton Appenzell to be more precisely. I had visited this region only in winter before and was very excited to see it without snow for the first time.



I was overwhelmed by all the fresh green and the blooming trees and meadows.



And not to forget by all the lucky cows under the blooming trees on the dandelion meadows. Picture perfect Switzerland.



The village…



… with typical Appenzell wood houses.



One of many beautiful inn signs.



View out of the window.



Hiking tour to an alp lake called “Seealpsee” which means “Lake Alp Lake”. Well, that makes sense.



My most useful garment in this week was my Ishbel. I didn’t expect the weather would be so great and summerlike when I packed my luggage and didn’t bring a sun hat with me. So I used the Ishbel as a headscarf and it looked great with it’s lace border. I think I’ll knit more small size shawls in this small size, I’m impressed how versatile they are.



A picnic with grilled sausages at the lake side. -One of many in this week.



High over the lake, a mountain hut…



…and a little chapel build in a cave.


What else?



We dyed and ate easter eggs.



I amused people by crawling through the grass and taking pictures.



Oh yes, and I did some knitting too. I started my Noro Silk Kerchief.



To sum it up: It was a perfect vacation.



8 Responses to “Easter Vacation – A Picture Story”

  1. Lynda Identicon Icon Lynda Says:

    Beautiful photos. Picture postcard perfect. Makes me want to visit. I also am inspired to knit Ishbel.

  2. Danielle Identicon Icon Danielle Says:

    beautiful pictures!!!..looks like you have a wonderful time :)

  3. abby Identicon Icon abby Says:

    Gorgeous pictures. Looks like you had a great time! Makes me almost want to go to Switzerland.

  4. Josie Identicon Icon Josie Says:

    Great pictures! thanks for sharing. I love the last but third pic.. It will make a great desktop background. :-)

  5. Tana Identicon Icon Tana Says:

    Such lovely photos!!

  6. Aplayfulday Identicon Icon Aplayfulday Says:


    I want to sing the hills are alive…

  7. Keri Identicon Icon Keri Says:

    That is breath taking and the villa on the mountain side!!!!!! Wow. Glad you had a lovely vacation and thanks for sharing the photos.

  8. Lina Identicon Icon Lina Says:

    It totally looks like the perfect vacation! Beautiful shots of a beautiful area.

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