Two little birds

April 29th, 2012

I spent some days in London last week and of course I couldn’t leave without having visited “Loop” in Islington.

As I told you in a previous post, I thought about knitting Ysolda’s “Lauriel” in Quince&Co. Chickadee. You can’t get Quince&Co in Berlin, at least as far as I know, therefore I planned to order the yarn at the Loop online shop. So I was very happy for the opportunity to visit London and choose the yarn and especially the right color right on location.

I enjoyed the shop a lot, honestly it was one of my personal highlights of the stay. Of course we have nice and well-assorted yarn stores in Berlin too. But I loved the big choice of English and American yarns, I knew only from the internet, and of course the broad selection of (English language) knitting books and patterns.
It felt a bit like ”real life ravelry”. ;)

By the way, Herr Glücksfisch found a nice pattern for a men’s cardigan and is now hoping I will knit it for him.
I bought eight skeins of Quince&Co. Chickadee in Leek.

And a skein of Wollmeise Lace Yarn in Tollkirsche. Reimporting Wollmeise from the UK is a funny but I couldn’t resist, I instantly fell in love with with it’s rich brownish red color. Just perfect for me.


Unfortunately back home, while knitting a swatch for ”Lauriel”, I noticed that two of the Chickadee skeins have a different dye lot. I had took six of them of a shelf, that had no dye lot number at all -much to my astonishment- but clearly the same color shade. Then I asked an assistant if they had more, she answered ”Of course”, vanished with one of my skeins to the stock and came back with two others.
Yes, shame upon me for not checking the dye lot myself at this moment! But I was so confused by the lacking dye lots on the other skeins that I trusted the assistant, thinking she would know better than me. Big mistake!

It’s very easy to see on the picture, in reality the difference is a little bit more subtle. -But one dye lot tends clearly more to yellow than the other. (I prefer the more yellow one, by the way.)
So I have 1089yds of one dye lot now and the pattern requires 1060yds. Hm, should be enough but it somehow gives me a queasy feeling. I don’t know how accurate the yarn amount of the pattern is calculated, but a few rows more, to lengthen the sleeves e.g., and I could run out…
On the other hand I’m not very eager to smuggle carefully some of the mismatching shade into my knitting and then have to recognize that the dye lot No.1 would have been enough.

Any suggestions?

Of course I wrote too Loop last Tuesday after discovering the problem and asked if I could exchange the yarn (or a part of it) but I didn’t get an answer until now.

I’m frustrated. After months in which I had no time even to think about knitting, I’ve been so exited about buying this yarn and starting this pattern. Now I’m feeling slowed down don’t really know what to do.

At least I have still the Wollmeise to comfort me. So I knitted a swatch for a Laika cardigan that is also on my ”Little Red in the City” queue. Isn’t it nice? (Please ignore the little mistake!)


(Deutsch) In eigener Sache

April 17th, 2012

Sorry, this entry is only available in Deutsch.


Today: Adventurous yarn skeins by Yurinaokamoto



Spoilt for choice

March 7th, 2012

I’ve got mail from Quince & Co. today! I order a color book recently and waited impatiently  for it to arrive.


I think, the thing I dislike most about knitting is to choose the yarn for a new project. Or, to be more precise, to find the right yarn in the right color. Nothing is more frustrating than deciding a certain quality would be perfect for a project and then finding out that it only comes in a limited range of colors and none of them actually suits me.

Last time I had this problem was when I tried to find a yarn for the “Lauriel” cardigan from Ysolda’s “Little red in the city”, here seen on the cover.


The pattern calls for a dk wool or wool blend with a good stitch definition. I personally don’t like variegated yarns for clothing what limits the choices a bit. After a little search, I remember the Quince and Co. Yarns I’ve often admired on ravelry. 100% wool that come in five weights from fingering to bulky and 37 colors.


In reality the colors are looking even nicer than on the pictures and now I’m spoilt for choice.

I’m tending to one of the greens in the moment. I think it would look great with the lovely dress with the goldfish pattern I bought recently. (Now I own already two fish pattern dresses… That would be worth an own blog entry.)

Which color would you choose?




Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2012 will be held between the 23rd-29th of April 2012. Crafting bloggers from all over the world will simultaneously post on set daily topics seven days in a row. For further details have a look at

I had a lot of fun doing this last year! I would love to join this year too, but I’ll be very busy in April and I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time to participate.

Yarnimation (1)

February 22nd, 2012

Do you remember the stop motion animation I made for Day 5 of Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2011? (BTW: Putting some music under it is still on my to-do list.)
When I recently uploaded it to youtube, I stumbled upon other animations with a piece of thread or a yarn ball. And I thought it would be a nice idea to start a little film series on this blog.
We begin with a little masterpiece: “The Red Thread” by nyxbug. Hope you enjoy it!


Yes, this blog has been silent for a too long time and I’m glad to tell you that I finally have the time and leisure to do some knitting and plan new projects. By the way: You have no reason to worry If you don’t hear anything from me for a some months, that most likely means that I’m well but very occupied with other interesting things. -And on the other side, starting blogging and knitting again does not automatically mean I’m bored. ;)

Do you remember the Noro Silk Kerchief I’ve started last spring? I was a little unhappy the way the stripes were turning out. The color of the light yarn (Noro Silk Garden Sock in S269) changes from white to a light brown.


That’s rather nice but it doesn’t contrast very much with the also brownish parts of the second yarn (Silk Garden Sock in S245). Especially not if both shades of brown come together at the beginning of the shawl when the rows are still short and the color changes very long.

For a long time I was undecided if I should finish or frog my half-knitted shawl. Then, some weeks ago, I’ve decided to go for the second choice and started it over again. I don’t regret it and love the way it turnes out now. But have a look yourself!




Vacation Plans

June 20th, 2011

Every year when I plan my summer vacation, I have the idée fixe that a during the stay knitted item would be the best souvenir of all. Some summerly, lacy shawl with all the beautiful memories, the smell of mediterranean herbs and and plenty of salty sea air knitted in.

I start searching ravelry for the perfect pattern, neither too boring nor too complicated, and buy some beautiful and precious yarn. The following weeks I eagerly wish to cast on, but I restist because I want to knit this in vacation. On the beach. On a lovely terrace with sea view.

Then the vacation is here. I’m on some island in the Mediterranean and notice that I’m completely satisfied with simply sitting there and watching the endless blue of the sea. For the entire two weeks.

And I further notice that I have completely forgotten how unrelaxing knitting on the beach is. At at 35 degree C, with fingers sticky from saltwater, suncream and sand.

I generally come back with an almost untouched skein of yarn and maybe five finished rows.

Okay… This year’s carefully choosen, special yarn for not knitting during my vacation is:



BC Garn Jaipur Silk Fino in the gorgeous colorway h32, a beautiful deep blue with a hint of purple. A lace weight yarn made from 100% mulberry silk.

And the very special not-knitting-in-vacation-shawl-pattern will be:

Uhm… I haven’t decided it yet. Probably on of Susanna IC’s beautiful shawls. I’m currently in love with the Vesna crescent shawlette and wonder how it would look like in a lace weight yarn. But also Alcea is lovely and many others.

Which one would you choose?